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Seren Dynamics have over 20 years experience of aerospace dynamics, from spacecraft to air vehicles, design, simulation, test and flight. We cover attitude kinematics, orbit dynamics, stability prediction and control law derivation, plus areas of structural and aero-dynamics.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide practical solutions to difficult mathematical problems. We can produce analytical descriptions of a system, and simulation of its tangible properties. Often both contribute to a much improved understanding of a complex problem, and as such offer insight sufficient to suggest novel but simple solutions.

We have a wealth of experience in system optimisation, classically trading mission capability with mass and power. Our optimisation experience is diverse, covering trajectory optimsation for interplanetary space missions, and defining where to put point masses on ultralight aircraft to minimise loads in flight, so allowing world record breaking achievement.

We have experience of every phase of spacecraft missions, from preliminary feasibility study, through build and test, to anomaly investigation on aging in-orbit vehicles. We have mission analysis experience ranging from LEO, through GTO, GEO to interplanetary.

Air vehicle experience includes a variety of sizes, shapes and purposes, but is latterly dominated by experience on HALE aircraft; ultralight, stratospheric, solar powered. Involvement and responsible areas in this emerging class of vehicle includes stability prediction, flight control, aerostructural analysis and design, aerodynamics and mission optimisation.

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